Monotony is a law of nature. Monotony is a guarantee of duration

Zofia Bystrzycka


We are reliable and conscientious. We pride ourselves on the fact that for many years we have been trusted by the same customers, suppliers, and associates.

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Our furniture under your brand

We make custom-made furniture according to the patterns provided by the customer. We implement their vision and provide them with products that they can proudly sell under their own trade sign and brand.

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Finished furniture and semi-finished products

Customers can order an already finished piece of furniture or semi-finished furniture.

In our machine park we are able to create every piece of home and office equipment. Our offer includes beds, wardrobes, tables, dressers, bedside tables, shelves, and desks.

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Cooperation at every stage of order processing

You will consult design, materials and technology with our specialists, so that your product is of the highest quality, produced effectively and delivered on time. We will give you exactly what you expect. A natural, durable and beautiful product.

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Place your order

We work with direct recipients as well as with intermediaries in furniture trade. We will effect your order according to the agreement – in established design, manner of performance and in agreed time.